This wall support can be used to hold a Zio Pepe setting peel.
This support for one turning peel is made from beechwood and aluminum. The upper support can be installed for either a left or right hand dominant operator.
A tampico fiber bristle oven brush replacement head. This is for use with the Forza Forni brass oven brush or the Forza Forni tampico oven brush.
Natural Tampico cactus fiber bristles Modular design allows for easy replacement of brush fibers The thin rectangular bristle head allows the oven operator to sweep every hard-to-reach corner of the oven. The natural Tampico fiber bristles are more...
Wall mounted beech-wood support for up to 3 tools. Only fits Zio Pepe brand: Brushes Multi-purpose tongs Ash shovels Setting peels Turning Peels
Wood ash shovel for removing coals and wood residue from a brick oven 7.9" x 8.6" shovel pan 67" total shovel length Stainless steel construction Two ABS handles, one sliding and one fixed